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  • Career Counselling & Subject Choices
  • Educational Assessment
  • Couples Counseling/Therapy

Inpsyght is a dynamic, individual-oriented Psychotherapy therapy centre based in Monument, Krugersdorp.  

We follow a holistic integrated approach utilising different therapeutic techniques from a variety of perspectives and modalities in order to address the specific needs of our clients most appropriately.  

We have a variety of disciplines at the centre offering a wide range of therapeutic and supportive services, such as Couple’s counselling/therapy, Psychometric assessments and career counselling

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inpsyght therapy centre

Meet our Team of Therapists

suzette weideman

Suzette Weideman

Clinical psychologist

Chanelle Visser

Clinical psychologist

Wendy Kaufman

Wendy Kaufman

Counselling Psychologist

Alta fisher

Eloise Spengler

Counselling Psychologist

Alta fisher

Inge Nieuwoudt

Educational Psychologist

Desiree du Plessis

Desiree du Plessis


Course of Therapy

The first session is usually focused on assessment, where we look at the reason for your need for therapy and whether your scheduled therapist is the most suitable to assist with your case. We will do everything in our ability to pair you with the most appropriate person to address your particular situation, age, challenge and/or personal needs. If it falls outside the scope of practice, field of knowledge or therapeutic skillset,  we will refer you to other professionals.

Shortly after commencing therapy the therapist will share her impressions with you and goals will be set for your therapeutic process. Right from the start you will notice that communication plays an integral role in therapy and you will be encouraged to play an equal role in your progress and the further course of therapy.

Each of the therapists follow unique approaches, within an integrated perspective and utilise different techniques and modalities in order to promote the integration of body | soul | spirit.

It is ideal that therapy has both a start and an end. If you feel you are ready to end your process, discuss it with your therapist for closure to take place as no process is left unfinished. Your therapist will do the same with you, if she feels you are ready to end the process.

Please note

  • Office hours of the therapists differ and will be discussed with you when you make an appointment or commence therapy.
  • Sessions usually take approximately 55 min and take place on a weekly basis, unless otherwise arranged.

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Practice Reception:

011 660 7847
Alternative: 084 452 9888

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
07h30 to 17h30

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Finding us…

289 Jorrisen Street, Corner Sarel Oosthuizen Street, Monument, Krugersdorp.


“It’s not too difficult to get the skeletons out of the closet with people, but to get the gold out is a different matter. That is therapy. Psychology is the Art of finding the gold of the spirit.

Robert Johnson