Prior to 2017, while working as a solo practitioner, I felt the need to be able to refer some of the surplus therapy requests I received. It became clear, when co-opting two colleagues, that working together created a community that offered support and opportunities for interaction and supervision.

Furthermore, by appointing administrative personnel we were enabled to fulfil our core function, that is therapy, while freeing us from the cumbersome, yet important tasks needed to secure a successful practice, such as making appointments, following up on payments with medical aids, reconciling remittances, etc..

It became apparent that the key to a successful practice was shifting the focus to our strengths and trusting competent staff to do what they are good at, as we saw in the consistent number of appointments we were receiving.

We were able to develop a strong professional referral network

We were able to develop a strong professional referral network, create healthy working relationships with clients and build a reliable public image through this approach, while sharing our administrative load. A win-win situation for all involved.

The common goal of working together to grow as a supporting pillar in the community lead to the creation of Suzette Weideman trading as InPsyght Centre, in January 2017 at 289 Jorrisen Str, Monument, Krugersdorp.

In the past five years services that ranges from individual to couple’s therapy, children of as young as 3 years to adults and adolescents as well as various therapeutic modalities and all mental health concerns has been established.

From 2022 onwards, having redefined the business model, InPsyght Centre will act as a so called “docking station” for sole proprietors practicing for their own accounts, with their own HPCSA registration numbers, and their own BHF (PCNS) practice numbers.

InPsyght Centre will become an administrative port, into which a psychotherapist can literally just “plug-and-play”.