Desiree du Plessis


As a psychometrist working with people’s dreams, desires and hopes, I strongly believe in following a holistic approach. Not just looking at the psychometric results, but also considering their life stories, hobbies, interest, school marks, family background, achievements, strengths, development areas, etc. Really understanding what people are about and making sense of it all. Career choices and subject choices are just about that: CHOICES and if you understand yourself and your situation better, you can make an informed decision and plan your way forward.

I really enjoy what I do and it reflects in my leisure activities, hence I spend a great deal of my free time, cats on my lap, getting into the life stories of fictional characters in books (don’t you just love how good Nicolas Sparks is in doing just that) and any great movie. My creativity also doesn’t stop at the office, because sitting quietly, creating things with my hands re-energises me, as does camping (although it is much more challenging physically).


I have a passion for sharing my knowledge of:

  • Study methods
  • Assisting with Grade 9 Subject choices
  • Career choices for adolescents as well as career changes and development for working adults
  • Schools and companies wanting to make a difference in our country.